Best Lowest Interest Rate Credit Cards

Everyone wants a low interest rate credit card. Unfortunately, everyone won’t qualify for one. If you want to try your luck and apply for one anyway, here are the best credit cards offered in America this month, according to Credit.com. Even though the better your credit, the stronger your chances are of being approved for these sweet deals, you still may be able to squeeze through the door with less than perfect credit. Keep in mind that if that’s the case your rate won’t be as great as someone with perfect credit.  Here are the top two credit cards this month:

#1 – Simmons Bank Via Platinum
This card offers extremely low interest rates with the cash advance rate at 11.25%. Cardholders get to view the card’s financial performance and vote on rates, fees and benefits.

#2 – PenFed Promise
This card has a very low interest rate with no fees. Rates for cash advances run as low as 7.99%. There are no annual fees. Plus, you can earn a $100 statement credit as a new holder when you spend $1500 inside the first 90 days.

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