017 Realistic Steps To Take On Fixing Your Credit Report Part 2

Realistic Steps To Take On Fixing Your Credit Report: Part 2

If you read Part 1 on Realistic Steps To Fixing Your Credit Report, then you know that you need to look at a copy of your report and challenge any errors that you see. Now, let’s move on to two other realistic steps you can take in order to fix your credit report.

  1. Ask for a goodwill adjustment: A goodwill adjustment is when you ask your creditor to remove negative information from your report. They aren’t obligated to do it, but they may if you still have a business relationship with them.
  2. Try to get ahead of default: If you know that you’re likely going to default on a loan, contact your creditors ahead of time to see what you can do. They may give you a grace period, which is better than just being late without any excuse. This course of action has to be done before you default.

If you put these steps into action today, you’ll find your credit score increasing in no time.

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